Terms of Services

Article 1 – PURPOSE

COMPANY offers an online marketplace where Client (a person who wishes to send goods) and Box Man (a person who agrees to deliver those) are allowed to publish those job and share offers respectively and they may get involved in trade through that platform under the following terms and conditions.

These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter Terms) are intended to define the terms and conditions of this service

For definitions of terms used herein, refer to Article 2 of the Terms and Conditions


2.1 Nature of goods

The Customer undertakes not to use this platform to transport :

  • All prohibited items by law: narcotics, firearms and other items contrary to the regulations in force;
  • All goods falling within international regulations on dangerous products, including those that may constitute a threat to the security of Box-Man, his vehicle or third parties;
  • Any other unsuitable goods.

The Customer shall be liable for any direct or indirect damages caused by not meeting the above provisions. This also includes all risk when transporting goods value or cash funds.

Where the nature of the good requires, the Client/shipper may specify in the job listing the various precautions required during transport. In no event whatsoever the COMPANY will not be held liable for failure to comply with these precautions by the Box-Man.

2.2 Completion of the Course:

Publication of a job listing

The Client/shipper may at any time publish a delivery job though his online account.

He undertakes to specify the information necessary for the completion of delivery:

  • Nature of product and value that has to be delivered;
  • Date and time for collection ;
  • Date and time for delivery ;
  • Address, phone number and details of the person to be delivered;
  • Other information deemed useful to carry out the delivery.

The job listing is revocable by the Client at any time and does not commits to until it has been subject to acceptance by a registered Box-Man.

Acceptance of an offer by a BoxMan

The application allows Box-Man to submit his acceptance for a job posted by a Client/shipper. By accepting an offer, the client agrees to the Box-Man to collect goods and deliver at the prescribed address on the job publication.

The Box-Man always free to accept or reject an offers published on the application, he is also free to choose the mode of delivery, but subject to deliver the goods at the scheduled time mentioned in the offer.

The COMPANY has no control over the availability of Box-Man, and cannot guarantee that all published jobs will be accepted by registered Box-Man. Therefore, not in any circumstances a commitment can be made by the COMPANY with Client/shipper that his offer will be accepted.

Handling and delivery of good

Upon collection of the Goods, the Box-Man should check its condition and can ask for the details about item from Client/shipper, and reserves the right to refuse the job if it does not conform to the description of the offer or if the items does not comply with any of the conditions set out in Article 2-1 of this document.

In any such case, the Box-Man must inform the COMPANY that the job agreement is cancelled with reasons. And share the same information with the Client.

Upon delivery of the Good to the recipient a check on its status is achieved. If the item has been delivered in accordance with the conditions of the offer, the final recipient communicates Box-Man code which previously was shared by THE COMPANY at the time of acceptance of the job.

The communication of this code by the Box-Man on the system attests to the smooth completion of the job. She takes final confirmation of the Course and waiver of any subsequent challenge to the delivery of good.


The recipient has the right to keep the code in the following cases:

  • the BoxMan did not appear at the agreed time for delivery ;
  • Good was not delivered in accordance with the conditions of the offer.

The Claimant must inform the COMPANY in writing with details and reasons of claim as soon as it incurs. All complaints will be treated in accordance with Article 7 hereof

If a claim is not submitted to COMPANY within the three days to proposed delivery of goods, the job will automatically be validated.

2.3 Incidents and tolerance

Any unexpected incident may jeopardize or delay the delivery, BoxMan agrees to immediately inform COMPANY and Client/Shipper.

Users agree to allowance each other a cushion of half an hour in schedule of collection and delivery of goods.

Article 3 – PAYMENT

3.1 Payment

Payment for deliver job has to be made by the Client/Shipper through credit card using the application. By confirming the offered price of the job, the Client authorises COMPANY to charge his bank account for BoxMan fee and transactional service charges.

For more information on the use of bank data, you can consult our Privacy Policy

In case of negative feedback or rejection of transaction by the bank for the requested job, COMPANY immediately inform the Client and the job will be cancelled if client unable to make payment immediately.

On behalf of the Client fee is charged upon confirmation of the delivery of the goods to the recipient in accordance with Article 2.2.3 of these conditions.

A final bill is sent to the Client.

3.2 Remuneration duBoxMan

The remuneration of BoxMan is calculated on the characteristics of the job (distance, time, time period, weight and volume of the Good) as indicated in the job listing by the Client/Shipper.

BoxMan’s account is credited with the amount of compensation within 15 days following the confirmation of the delivery of the good in accordance with Article 2.2.3 of these conditions.

The BoxMan may at any time request to transfer balance on his COMPANY account to his personal bank account. For bank transfers below 30 euros, 4 euros of transaction fees will apply.

If BoxMan registered with the MyBoxMan application and does not perform any work for 12 consecutive months and the balance of his COMPANY account is less than 10 euros, then the COMPANY reserves the right to acquire these funds under the account maintenance fee.

3.3 Service Charges

The Company shall charge the Customer a Service Fee for the Services offered by The Company, calculated on a flat-rate basis at 20% of the remuneration of the BoxMan, plus VAT at the applicable rate.

The Service Fee shall be added to the Contribution to the BoxMan's expenses, these two amounts together forming a total amount invoiced to the Client.

Three (3) payment methods are provided for, firstly the possibility of paying by credit card directly on delivery, secondly direct debit on delivery, and thirdly invoicing for payment at the end of the month. As far as accounts with billing for settlement at the end of the month are concerned, they commit themselves to pay in full all invoices on the basis of the price estimates they would have validated for all orders placed via our mobile application, our web application, or via our API.


4.1 Cancellation Terms

In case of cancellation is made by the BoxMan, the Client/Shipper will get the refund for the job (Course + Payment of Service Charge) within 7 days.

If cancellation is made by the Client more than 24 hours before the scheduled time of collection of Goods, the Client will get the full refund for the amount he had paid for the job including the Service Fee though transactional charges will be deducted.

If cancellation is made by the Client within the 24 hours of the scheduled collection time of the Good, the. Only the 50% of paid amount for the job will be refunded to the client. Transactional charges will also be deducted accordingly.

If cancelled by the Client after the collection of the Good, the total amount of the Payment of job and Service Charges are due, no refund will be made.

If any changes are made by the BoxMan in already understood and agreed modalities for collection and delivery of goods, without the consent of the Client/Shipper, this may allow Client to cancel that job. Such cancellations will be charged to BoxMan according to above mentioned rules.

If any changes are made by the Client/Shipper in already agreed modalities for collection and delivery of goods, without the consent of oxMan, this may cause the cancellation of the job by the BoxMan. Such cancellation will be charged to the Client.

4.2 Right of withdrawal

Accordance with the Article L. 121-17 of the Consumer Code in France, the Users of MyBoxMan’s service are informed that the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for the application concerned Services of Article L. 121-21-8 of the consumer Code.


The Customer undertakes that when job offer is accepted on the Application interface, he is legally bound to pay the price (fee for the Job and Service Charges).

The BoxMan undertakes to complete the job in accordance to the conditions mentioned in the job listing.

The BoxMan also undertakes that he or she will not to use the MyBoxMan application for any professional or commercial purposes or benefits. Also that he/she will comply to all administrative and tax obligations in connection with his/her activities as BoxMan.


The services are offered by the COMPANY only to the connect the Client/Shipper and BoxMan, so that it cannot be held in whatsoever circumstances, responsible for any obligation arising from the intentions or actions of the Client/shipper or the BoxMan, including the obligations described in Article 5 hereof.

COMPANY liability is particularly excluded, but are not limited to, in case:

  • Loss, theft or damages made to the Goods
  • Inadequate transport conditions, situations for collection, carrying or delivering the Goods, and expectations of users of this service.
  • late cancellation due to non-delivery of the Goods, non-conformance with the information indicated by the Client, delay, and any problem incurred after the acceptance of the delivered goods by the BoxMan;
  • Damages incurred with the BoxMan, Client, Recipient or any third party, before, during or after the completion of the job
  • Damage caused by BoxMan, Client, Recipient or any third party during the execution of job.

The COMPANY does not guarantee the quality of BoxMan service

The BoxMan is in no case the employee FRETBAY Company Publishers of the MyBoxMan application. The BoxMan is paid by the Client and the Company will in no way be held responsible or guarantor of the non-payment by the Client to BoxMan.


In case of complaint or dispute concerning the performance of the Services, Users must inform THE COMPANY as soon as possible. THE COMPANY is committed to providing users with a friendly solution that the parties are free to accept or refuse.

In the absence of agreement, THE COMPANY reserves the right to retain the disputed amounts paid by the Client, until final resolution of the dispute.

As part of the settlement of disputes between a consumer and COMPANY, and in the absence of agreement, COMPANY offers the consumer the use of a mediation mode.


8.1 Changing Conditions of Sale

The COMPANY reserves the right, at any time, to modify, in whole or in part, the General Conditions of Sale. Users are advised to consult the Terms and Conditions and Terms of Service to keep themselves up to date with changes.

Any substantial change will be made known to the Users of this application through email to the address associated with their MyBoxMan account. By continuing to access or use the Services after the enforcement of these amendments, the Users agree to be contractually bound by the new Terms and Conditions.

8.2 Assignment and Transmission of commitment

COMPANY may assign these Terms and Conditions as well as all rights and obligations attached thereto, to any third party without prior written consent of the User, provided that these are sold in the same terms or in terms that are not less advantageous to the user.

8.3 Severability

In the event that any provision of these Terms is held invalid or unenforceable, that provision shall be limited or eliminated to the extent necessary, and the remaining provisions of these Terms will remain in full force. In all communications with the Client/shipper and other relevant person to the relevant job, this includes the messages sent through mobile application interface.