As part of its collaborative publishing application, MyBoxMan is required to collect and process personal data, including:

  • the information you voluntarily enter into the framework of the use of our service: name, date of birth, phone number, postal code, copy of the identity document;
  • information about your preferences for using the platform, and on transactions (type of service, date and place of the Course)
  • data on your terminal (type of hardware, operating system);
  • data on connections to a social network, where you chose to link this network and platform;
  • your IP address.

These data are necessary for the proper functioning of the services of the application, and allowing us to identify the users of application and to offer them a suitable service. They are also used to compile trade statistics and interact with social networks.

MyBoxMan is required to collect and process data on your bank account:

  • The number of your credit card
  • Expiration date
  • The visual cryptogram

The collection of bank data for exclusive purposes:

  • Book the collaborated delivery service
  • Completion of the transaction
  • To create payment account in order to facilitate future transactions through application.

To save you from retyping all of your banking information at every use, MyBoxMan reserves the right, with your consent, to keep your credit card number and expiry date.

MyBoxMan is forbidden however to record the security code of your credit card.

As part of this collaborated service MyBoxMan is also likely to collect and store data on the geo location of your device.

Collecting location data reflects the following:

  • Users offer services geographically suited to their needs;
  • Allow to the Client to follow the proper execution of job
  • Ensure the safety of BoxMan and wellbeing in case of emergency.

The collection of location data is subject to a request for authorization when you first registered with the application.

This location data is used exclusively to service MyBoxMan and will under no circumstances be the subject of a transfer to a third party. MyBoxMan agrees to keep any historical geo location of users beyond a period of 24 hours.


The processing of these data is carried out in accordance with Law No. 78-14 of 6 January 1978 on computers, files and freedom, known as the "Data Protection" law.

These data are processed exclusively by MyBoxMan, as responsible for the processing of personal data. The file containing these data was the subject of a prior declaration (simplified standard No. 48) to the CNIL.

MyBoxMan is required to collect and process data on your bank account:


MyBoxMan informs you that the use of the Platform causes deposition of cookies (cookies) on your device. These cookies do not identify you directly, but store information about your browsing.

These cookies have the primary purpose of improving the operation of the Platform, including allowing your automatic identification and audience measurements.

The shelf life of cookies in the user's terminal is 13 months.

For information on cookies, you can consult the website of the CNIL:


In accordance with Articles 38 and following of the "Information and Freedom" law, you have a right of opposition, access and correction of personal data.

You can always change or remove your information by logging into your account online. Deregistration of the platform automatically causes the deletion of all data.

MyBoxMan however, reserves the right to retain certain information, within the limits provided by law and for legitimate purposes, especially in cases of proven violation of the terms and conditions, or when your Coptic has a debit or credit balance.

Banking data . Assuming you accept the creation of a payment account, you can always change your mind and remove your payment account.

Geolocation data. The collection of location data is subject to a request for authorization when you first registered with the application. Please note that the approximate geo location of your device is possible if you use a public wireless terminal.

Cookies. The cookies stored on your device will be subject to authorization through application when you first log on

You have at all times the ability to disable the use of cookies using your browser settings. This deactivation can, however, interfere with the proper use of the platform.

Links for disabling cookies, depending on the browser:

For inquiries concerning your personal data, you may contact us at the following email address:


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